Josh Madden
Colin Egglesfield
Colin Egglesfield as Josh Madden
All My Children
Portrayed by: Scott Kinworthy (2005)
Colin Egglesfield (2005-2008 & 2009)
Duration: 2005-2008 & 2009
First appearance: June 17, 2005
Last appearance: January 29, 2009
Cause/reason: Death
Created by: Megan McTavish
Family: Kane family
Martin family
Gender: Male
Born: December 18, 1980
(originally December 18, 1973)
Died: January 19, 2009
Cause of death: Shot by Zach Slater
Occupation: Doctor
Residence: Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
Parents: Jeffrey "Jeff" Martin
Erica Kane
Gregory "Greg" Madden
(foster father, deceased)
Emily Madden
(foster mother, deceased)
Siblings: Kendall Hart
(maternal half-sister)
Bianca Montgomery
(maternal half-sister)
Marital status: Single; at death
Grandparents: Joseph "Joe" Martin Sr.
(paternal grandfather)
Helen Martin
(paternal grandmother, deceased)
Eric Kane
(maternal grandfather, deceased)
Mona Kane
(maternal grandmother, deceased)
Great-grandparents: Henry Martin
(paternal great-grandfather, deceased)
Katherine "Kate" Martin
(paternal great-grandmother, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: Tara Martin
(paternal aunt)
Robert "Bobby" Martin
(paternal uncle, deceased)
Thaddeus "Tad" Martin
(paternal adopted uncle)
Joseph "Jake" Martin Jr.
(paternal uncle)
Mark Dalton
(maternal uncle)
Silver Kane
(maternal aunt, deceased)
Nieces & nephews: Spike Lavery
Ian Slater
Miranda Montgomery
Gabrielle Montgomery
Cousins: Charles "Charlie" Brent
(paternal cousin)
Kate "Kelsey" Jefferson
(paternal cousin)
James "Jamie" Martin
(paternal adopted cousin)
Damon Miller
(paternal adopted cousin)
Bess Martin
(paternal adopted cousin, deceased)
Kathleen "Kathy" Martin
(paternal adopted cousin)
Jennifer "Jenny" Martin
(paternal adopted cousin)
Trevor Martin
(paternal cousin)
Julie Rand Chandler
(maternal cousin)
Other relatives: Nicholas "Nick" Brent
(paternal first cousin once removed)
Philip Brent II
(paternal first cousin once removed)
Samuel "Sam" Grey
(paternal first cousin once removed)
Romances: Danielle Frye
(affair/one night stand)
Arabella "Babe" Carey
(affair/one night stand, deceased)
Hannah Nichols
(lovers, deceased)
Greenlee Smythe
(one night stand)

Joshua "Josh" Madden was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera All My Children.

Actor History:Edit

  • Scott Kinworthy (06/2005-09/2005; recurring)
  • Colin Egglesfield (09/2005-09/2008; contract & 01/2009; recurring)

Character History:Edit